UDOO Circuit

Robot Arm

UDOO-Circuit collects data from GPS and motion sensor presents on UDOO Neo.
It takes latitude and longitude coordinates and match them with board velocity and inclination.

You have a first visual feedback thanks to LCD Display and LED but you can see the entire route in Apache Web Server thanks to Google Maps.

You can print schematic circuit and insert it in UDOO Neo pin out. Then, put Neo in your scooter and enjoy it.

Use of Solution:

  • Connect GPS module and LCD Display
  • Update Arduino sketch;
  • Lunch terminal;
  • python Server.py, Enjoy it;

Remember to:

  • Install Python library;
  • Download, install and modify Arduino library;
  • Disable Motion Sensor Drivers;
  • Install Apache 2 and move Udoo Web Server on Port 81;
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